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Kolon industries makes happiness in our lives! We will try to be the beloved company by our customers.


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Gumi Overview


Gumi Plant is the main plaint of KOLON Industries, Inc. equipped with an integrated manufacturing system from polymerization process to final products. With 40 years of polymer technology and expertise, this large-scale complex has the top-of-the-line production operating system.

Using proprietary technology, Gumi Plant has been producing electronic and advanced chemical materials, such as aramids, as well as PET films, tire cords, long fiber non-wovens, aramids, GRP Pipes, light diffuser films for LCDs, and IT chemical products.

Gumi - History/Certificates


Gumi - History/Certificates
1957 Korea Nylon Inc. established (Daegu)
1969 Korea Polyester Inc. established (Gumi)
1971 Established the polyester yarn line
1973 Established the nylon yarn and nylon tire cord line
1981 Changed names to KOLON Corporation (merger)
1983 Established the engineering plastic line (sell-off in June 2008)
1984 Established the polyester direct spinning (continuous polymerization) line
1985 Established the polyester film line
1986 Established the video tape plant (closed down in 2004)
1990 Established the automated polyester yarn line
2000 First company in the world to produce long micro-fiber “ROJEL”
2003 Established the LCD light diffuser film line
2005 First Korean company to establish a polyimide film line
First Korean company to establish an aramid line
Established the light diffuser plate/IT chemical line
2008 Established the high-strength glass fiber-reinforced pipe line
Divided the yarn business (KFM), PI film J/V (collaboration with SKC)

Product Overview

Product Status

Product Overview
Product List Purpose
Industrial Purposes Tire cords Tire reinforcement
Long-fiber non-wovens (Finon®) Packaging, industrial, civil engineering, construction
Aramids(HERACRON®) Optical cable reinforcement, automotive parts
Films Base films(ASTROLL®) Industrial, electronic materials, packaging
Metalize films(ASTROLL®) Food packaging, industrial
Electronic Materials Light diffuser films(EverRay®) LCD
Light diffuser plates(EverRay®) LCD
Prism films(EverRay®) LCD
IT Chemicals(Onlymer®, Diasphere®) PCB protection, electronic materials for LCDs


Gumi Kolon Network

  • Gumi Address    48, Suchul-daero, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Gumi Plant    TEL : 054-469-3051  Fax: 054-469-3116

Gumi Kolon Network