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Technical Yarn


AKILEN® of KOLON Industries, Inc. refers to a polyester yarn for special industries. This polyester yarn for car seatbelts is distributed worldwide and recognized for its quality and technology by top global companies, such as AUTOLIV, TAKATA, and TOYOTA, as well as domestic ones.
One in four cars sold worldwide features seatbelts made by KOLON Industries, Inc.’s AKILEN®. AKILEN® offers distinguished products, such as black yarns (solution dyed yarns), finish yarns, and ultra-high strength yarns for car seatbelts, based on high demand for industrial materials.With a team of R&D experts, KOLON Industries, Inc.’s AKILEN® continues to work hard to develop distinguished high-end yarns that meet environmental standards.

High strength polyethylene fibers used for the cut-resistant gloves developed by Kolon is consists of high density, high molecular weight polymer and the PE with low density material floats on water. In particular, the excellent tensile strength and crystallinity is proud that this high cut grade safety rating in the glove.

Cut gloves consisting of our yarn from grade 3 to grade 5 according to the customer's various needs can be produced. Olefin fibers are difficult to dye. But we can also be made of superior color gloves with many kinds of colors compared to other products. We are being developed to widely used in ropes, fishing nets, clothing industry.

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  • Download of Cut resistant gloves

Features and Uses

This highly functional polyester yarn can replace wire ropes, which are used in deep sea drilling ships and other marine applications. It provides excellent wear resistance.
This ultra-high strength yarn is even stronger than ordinary polyester and is used in seatbelts, slings, and ropes.

History, Awards and Certificates

Began producing high-strength yarns for industrial uses
Began producing polyester yarns for car seatbelts
Began producing ultra low shrinkage polyester yarns for tarpaulin
(the rate of shrinkage below 1%; the third lowest in the world)
Obtained ISO 9001 quality system certificate
Expanded the polyester yarn plant for car seatbelts
Obtained ISO/TS16949 quality system certificate
Obtained AKILEN MARINE® ABS certificate (first in Asia)
Obtained ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate