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Artificial Leather


Since its production in 1993, Chamude® has been known as artificial leather that provides the sophisticated appearance of natural leather and resolves its problems using microfibers. Chamude® is a cutting-edge material that can be applied to fashion, sports, and interior designs. Using microfiber technology and special processes, this product provides fine appearance and soft touch, as well as a higher level of durability, permeability, breathability, comfort, and insulation. In addition, Chamude® allows the application of a variety of colors and is lightweight enough for thickness control. It can be used as a fashion material all year round and can be manufactured to a certain width.

Features and Uses

Staple Fiber
The key technology in manufacturing Chamude® involves manufacturing microfibers.
Microfibers made by KOLON Industries, Inc. are merely as thick as 1/1000th the single human hair and provide soft touch and sophisticated appearance. Since two elements seem to be floating in the sea, this fiber is called sea island yarn. When the “sea” element is removed, only the “island” element remains and hence it becomes microfiber.
Chamude® suede can be produced in various thickness and colors and used in shoes, clothing, interior designs, and miscellaneous uses. Since it provides the sophisticated appearance and soft touch of natural leather and is made from synthetic fibers, it can be water-washed, comes in various colors, and provides excellent durability. With a similar structure to natural leather, it actually offers more benefits.

History, Awards and Certificates

Began research and development of artificial leather
Began producing microfibers for artificial leather
Won the “IR52 Chang Young Shil” award for artificial leather
Won the Prime Minister’s Award for Industrial Technology
Obtained 'ISO 9001' certificate for artificial leather
Selected as “Worldwide Human Product” for suede artificial leather
Developed artificial leather suede for car interiors
Won the “IR52 Chang Young Shil” award for nonwoven suede for car head lining.