• Introduction
  • Industrial Materials
    • Tire Cords
    • Airbags
    • Technical Yarn
    • Artificial Leather
    • SPB
    • Aramid
    • Tire Cords
  • Films/Electronic Materials
    • Polyester Film
    • Nylon Film
    • Coated Film
    • Light Diffuser Film
    • Prism Film
    • Light Diffuser Plate
    • Micro Lens Film
    • Light Guide Plate
    • Dry Film Resist
    • Overcoat
  • Chemicals
    • Hydrocarbon Resins
    • Phenolic Resin
    • Epoxy Resin
    • PU/TPU
  • 패션
    • GOLF
    • MEN
    • WOMEN
    • ACC
    • upcycling

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Polyester spunbond is a nonwoven fabric with excellent physical and chemical properties. It is widly used for various kinds of industrial materials.
FINON® is KOLON's brand name of 100% polyester spunbond nonwoven fabric. KOLON Industries, Inc., has begun to produce FINON® since 1985 for the first time in Korea. Its profound experience, technology, and know-how in Production and R&D, are provided with a variety of products from fine-denier to coarse-denier, including embossed, needle-punched and flat-bonded nonwoven.

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Features and Uses

Backing for Carpet Tile
FINON®'s features for the key requirements such as excellent pile holding strength, stable dimensional stability and great tuftability are the best solution in use for primary backings and secondary backings for tile carpets.
Backings for Automotives Floor & Automotive materials
FINON®'s High moldability, stability to process, not to mention tuftability, make better automotive floors. It also plays key roles in automotive parts such as headliners, door trim, dash boards, and etc.
Filter media
FINON® offers a wide range of products in use for Air and Liquid filtrations. Customers are easy to find the right materials via Kolon's customized technical supports.
FINON® realizes its performance into various kinds of ground works to function Separation, Filtration Reinforcement and Drainage.
Building materials
FINON® is fit to be used for Buildings from roofs to interiors offering distictive features to where it is required.
With a wide variety of product features to customers' needs, it is applicable to cable wrapping, foot wear material, window blind and flower wrapping.

History, Awards and Certificates

First Korean company to produce polyester spunbond nonwoven (emboss, needle-punch)
Certified Q mark for FINON® Geotextile materials
Certified ISO 9001
Certified TS 16949
Certified ISO 14001
Commissioned Flatbond & Coarse-denier Polyester Spunbond Production line, Firstly in Korea
Approved of New Excellent Products (NEP) by KATS
To be commissioned the 2nd Flatbond & Coarse-Denier Polyester Spunbond Production Line