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Polyester Film


ASTROLL® is a polyester film developed by KOLON Industries, Inc. using proprietary fiber technology, as a part of the company’s efforts to bring revolutionary inventions to the textile industry and develop a future-oriented business. ASTROLL® provides superb physical, chemical, and electrical properties and is widely used in industrial materials, including optical, electrical materials, electrical insulation, and solar devices. It also has a wide range of applications in high-value products, such as stamping foils, drawing films, rainbow films, and dry film resists. ASTROLL® obtained ISO9002 from U.K. BSI, met the standards of U.S. FDA, German BGA, and Japan Food Hygiene Association, and was recognized by UL standards for electrical stability.

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Features and Uses

Optical Films
Optical films are widely used as display base, as well as LCD and PDP materials, with excellent light transmission, mechanical properties, and thermal stability.
Polarizing Plate Films
Films for polarizing plates are defect-free polyester base films used for protective and adhesive coating during the process of manufacturing polarizing plates, which are used in LCD TVs and monitors.
Industrial Use
Films for industrial use provide excellent transparency, adhesion, electrical insulation, cold and hot resistance, and are widely used in PV back sheets, antistatic films, adhesive tape, silicon films, solar control films, gold/silver yarn, cable and insulation, etc.
Packaging films provide excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability and are widely used in general packaging, printing, laminating, shrinkage labels, and coated products. With high tensile strength, optimum elongation, and workability in a wide range of temperature (-70˚C~260˚C), the products offer excellent dimensional stability. ASTROLL® provides high transparency, gloss, and chemical resistance, excellent gas barrier and waterproof properties without toxicity or odor, and can be thus used in food packaging.

Awards and Certificates

Widest and fastest in Korea
Latest thick film equipment (optical use)
Began producing polyester films (Gumi Plant)
Expanded the polyester film line (Gumi Plant)
Acquired Imperial Graphics Group(UK)
Established PT.KOLON INA (Indonesia)
Obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certificate
Expanded the polyester film line (Gimcheon Plant)
Began producing polyester films in Indonesian Plant
Acquired Kohap Polyester Film Plant
Obtained ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate
Expanded the polyester film line (Gimcheon Plant)
Won 'IR52 Chang Young Shil’ award for LCD BLU PET films
Expanded the polyester film line (Gimcheon Plant)
Expanded the polyester film line (Gumi Plant)