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  • Industrial Materials
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    • Airbags
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    • Artificial Leather
    • SPB
    • Aramid
    • Tire Cords
  • Films/Electronic Materials
    • Polyester Film
    • Nylon Film
    • Coated Film
    • Prism Film
    • Dry Film Resist
    • Overcoat
  • Chemicals
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    • Phenolic Resin
    • Epoxy Resin
    • PU/TPU
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    • MEN
    • WOMEN
    • ACC
    • upcycling

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Dry Film Resist


KOLON Industries, Inc. is competing with leading international companies, such as U.S. Dupont, Japan’s Hitachi and Asahi, and now has over 60% market share in the dry film photoresist industry. The company was also the first company to develop dry films and localize them in the market where foreign products were dominant. Its technology became further recognized through the development of ultra-high resolution films, which require the most advanced technology in the industry. The dry film photoresist market is growing with the expansion of the electronics market, including semiconductors and LCDs, and KOLON Industries, Inc.’s Accuimage® is a photosensitive film with a resist thickness ranging from 7 to 75um and is used for multiple purposes, such as PCB, L/F, and packaging. The product has met customers’ needs with excellent properties and is increasing market share with outstanding quality and competitive prices compared with existing foreign products.

Features and Uses

Tenting & Etching Grade
Excellent circuit properties, extensive workability, remarkable tenting properties; comes in two types for external-layer tening process and inner-layer etching process.
Plating Grade
Excellent circuit properties, extensive workability, remakrable coating tolerance; used for external-layer plating process.
Packging Grade
Provides ultra-high resolution; used for IC packaging, such as BGA and L/F.
Special Grade
The LDI type provides ultra high sensitivity and is used for laser source 355nm and 405nm and the film of thickness from 63~75um are available.

History, Awards and Certificates

Began research and development at the Gumi Technology Research Center
Completed research and began plant construction
Completed the plant (Unit 1)
1993 ~ 1997
Increased the capacity
Obtained ISO9002 certificate, won the IR52 Chang Young Shil award
Completed DFR-2 Project
Installed American slitters
Completed DFR-3 Project
Won the IR52 Chang Young Shil award