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Positive-Type Photoresist


A positive photoresist developed through our years of research, Runyguard® has been recognized by a number of other companies for its excellent properties, such as high resolution (5um and below), etching tolerance, insulation, coating tolerance (especially, alkaline coating solution), etc. This positive photoresist is one of the most important polymer materials used as photolithography, which is used in electrical and electronic industries, and as photoresist for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. We also developed the Runyguard® DF series (positive dry film photoresist), were the first company to make positive photoresist compounds into films, and are expected to increase productivity by simplifying the process, unlike the existing liquid photoresist.

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Features and Uses

Photosensitive Novolac Etching Ink
Excellent light line adhesion, fine resolution, etching properties, heat resistance, and chemical resistance; used in liquid crystal displays (LCD), organic light emitting display (OLED), and chip-on films (COF).
Photosensitive Polyimide Insulation Film Ink
Outstanding light transmission and heat resistance, excellent electrical and mechanical properties; used in organic light emitting display (OLED), insulation films, surface protective films of semiconductor devices, and interlayer films.
Positive type DFR
Excellent workability, light line adhesion, fine resolution, and chemical resistance; used in liquid crystal displays (LCD), organic light emitting display (OLED), and chip-on films (COF).

Technology Details and Major Areas of Development

  • Developed Rubyguard® Ink & DFR composition
  • Secured manufacturing technology through pilot production
  • Obtained a patent for composition and manufacturing technologies
  • Developed OLED Insulator PR, BM application PR
  • Developed COF etching PR
  • Developed TFT-Array etching PR
  • Developed PDP plating DFR