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GRP Products


  • KQA PIPE<sup>®</sup>
  • KQA MANHOLE<sup>®</sup>

High-strength, high-quality glass reinforced plastic pipes (KOA PIPE®) and manholes (KOA MANHOLE®) are the beginning of pure and clean water. The importance of the environment is increasing and KOLON Industries, Inc. provides advanced high-strength glass fiber reinforced pipes to create a cleaner water environment. High-strength glass reinforced plastic pipes are made by mixing glass fiber roving and unsaturated polyester resin, provide better durability and water tightness than other pipes and are considered the next-generation water pipes. With years of technology, KOLON Industries, Inc. manufactures GRP pipes (KOA PIPE®) and GRP manholes (KOA MANHOLE®), which will provide customers with cleaner and better living circumstances.

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Features and Uses

Its benefits include remarkably high strength, water tightness, durability, and abrasion resistance, long effective service life,
light weight, and easier transportation and construction. A precisely designed coupling can prevent leakage. KOA PIPE is used in water pipes, underground gas pipes, oil pipes, marine pipes, and chemical plant pipes.
KOA Manhole has excellent water tightness, durability, corrosion resistance, and consistently high quality . With a perfect waterproof structure through sawtooth sealing, GRP pipe, and Hand layup, KOA MANHOLE is easy to install regardless of pipe type. KOA MANHOLE is used in D600, D900, D1200, D1500, D1800, D2100, and manhole pump stations.

History, Awards and Certificates

Dec. 2007
Established the glass reinforced plastic pipe plant
April. 2008
Obtained KS M 3333(sewer pipe / non-pressure) certificate
May. 2008
Pipe patent registration No.10-0808884
[Continuous Pipes Manufacturing Methods and Finished Pipes]
Jun. 2008
Obtained KS M 3333(sewer pipe / pressure) certificate
Oct. 2008
Coupling patent registration No. 10-0859167
[GRP Connection Pipe Assembly Manufacturing Method and GRP Connection Pipe Assembly]
Dec. 2008
Manhole patent registration No.10-0875835, No. 10-0872726
[assembly manholes], [separable manholes]
Mar. 2010
Obtained KS M 3370(potable water / pressure and non-pressure) certificate
Oct. 2010
Obtained KWWA M207 (Manhole) certificate