• Introduction
  • Industrial Materials
    • Tire Cords
    • Airbags
    • Technical Yarn
    • Artificial Leather
    • SPB
    • Aramid
    • Tire Cords
  • Films/Electronic Materials
    • Polyester Film
    • Nylon Film
    • Coated Film
    • Light Diffuser Film
    • Prism Film
    • Light Diffuser Plate
    • Micro Lens Film
    • Light Guide Plate
    • Dry Film Resist
    • Overcoat
  • Chemicals
    • Hydrocarbon Resins
    • Phenolic Resin
    • Epoxy Resin
    • PU/TPU
  • 패션
    • GOLF
    • MEN
    • WOMEN
    • ACC
    • upcycling

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  • suecomma bonnie



COURONNE, launched with Kolon Industries in 2010, is a modern elegant leather goods accessory brand which gives a pleasure to modern consumers who seek self-indulgence and self-confidence. It produces high quality products that are formed by the idea of 'simplicity, 'timeless chic', and 'exquisite color'. Simple but unique design of 'COURONNE' is completed by high quality materials which lead the brand to be the most popular bag brand. As an expert in producing high quality leather goods based on its own R&D team and manufacturing infrastructure, COURONNE continues to respond, challenge, and develop according to the changes in market trend and culture. It suggests a beauty of simplicity and focuses on product value without excessive decoration and design.

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suecomma bonnie


SUECOMMA BONNIE is a brand launched in 2003 by Korea's 1st generation shoe designer, Bonnie Lee. Established with a determination to customize and personally make shoes that Bonnie Lee herself wanted to wear, SUECOMMA BONNIE uses unique materials and design to capture the beauty that can only be expressed by women. Now, SUECOMMA BONNIE has been growing a global shoes brand exporting to 20countries gaining popularity among celebrities and fashion leaders.

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SUPERCOMMA B, a new brand of SUECOMMA BONONNIE, is a multi-fashion brand for young creators with unique and liberal lifestyle. It targets people in their mid teens through mid-twenties who are trendy, yet knows how to enjoy their own personal style and culture. It provides basic casual style that is approachable to anyone with unique and liberal thoughts. Also, leading the trend every season, its main products are sneakers, yet expanding to clothing and lifestyle products.

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