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We will show new, great performance through our imagination and action 'from another level.'

Thank you for visiting Kolon Industries' website. We will move toward a 100-year sustainable growth company by creating "performance" on a different level through "imagination" and "action" on another level based on our 60 years of legacy.

CEO Introduce CEO Introduce

Greetings. This is Hee-gu Jang, CEO of KOLON INDUSTRIES.
We would like to thank our customers and shareholders for their efforts and support towards us.

KOLON INDUSTRIES is the main parent company that contains the growth and tradition of KOLON Group over 60 years. We have a proud history that has been the foundation for Korea's development, as well as achieving company growth based on our small and thin technological innovation that we cultivated from the barren land of the textile industry.

Currently, we have grown to become a comprehensive chemical/material/fashion company representing Korea and we are expanding our status all around the world. We are focusing our capabilities to recompense our customers' and shareholders' love and support over the past half-century which helped us grow stronger as a world market leader.

We focus on developing technologies for automotive materials, high-tech materials, and electronic materials which will further advance our profit structure.

Our fashion business is striving to become a company that creates new lifestyles of customers by leading new fashion trends and culture.

We also created the Corporate Strategy Office (CSO) as a company-wide control tower organization that plays a pivotal role in mobilizing new imaginations to discover more future-oriented businesses.

In addition, we focus our efforts on securing sustainable future growth engines through securing various technological capabilities, such as developing new high-tech materials through the Future Technology Institute, cooperation with leading domestic and foreign research institutes and local governments.

As a CEO, I established a management policy of "Imagination from another level," "Action from another level," and "Performance from another level," to lead the company. To achieve this management policy, we will come up with a new way to develop our business through competitive innovation and will change the way we work under the slogan of "Until the end."

We plan to improve and expand our organizational culture through various win-win communications. We ask for your continuous interest and support in our future, and we promise to continue to leap forward.

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