Nylon Film

Nylon Film

AMIDROLL® which KOLON Industries succeeded in localizing for the first time in Korea, is expanding its use not only for packaging materials such as food and medical packaging, but also for fiber, book jackets and cell pouch(Lithium battery).

Nylon Film Successfully Localized for the First Time in Korea

Excellent Mechanical Strength, Flexibility and Gas Barrier

Printable, complete food oxidation prevention and retort packaging, used for industrial use such as cell pouch, etc.


Excellent Transparency, Gloss and Gas Barrier

Its excellent mechanical strength and flexibility make it printable, with better transparency, glossiness, and gas blocking to prevent food oxidation. It's also available for industrial use such as food for retort and cell pouch for storing electrolytes in secondary batteries.


Food Packaging and Industrial Materials

Tearing or pinholes are not created due to its excellent impact strength and wear resistance, and can be used as industrial materials such as O2, N2, and CO2 for complete food oxidation prevention, retort packaging, and cell pouch for electrolyte in secondary batteries

23% 스크롤 진행

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