Prism Film

Prism film

An optical film that maximizes the light intensity toward the front of the LCD through the condensation of light from the LCD Back Light Unit(BLU).

Successful Production of Elastic Prism Film for the first time in Korea

Supply of Prism Film which succeeded in mass production and localization for the second time in Korea

High refractive index and elasticity through the development of various compositions

Quality management system certification(ISO9001) Safety and Health Management System Certification(KOSHA18001)


Brightness improvement

brightness improvement with refraction and reflection of light from the LCD BLU


High productivity and quality levels

Implementation of High Brightness through the Application of High Refractive Materials

Excellent scratch resistance through the application of elastic materials

Uniform pattern formation and quality reliability through direct engraved prism film

Automation system for high productivity and quality, including crude solutions and coating

23% 스크롤 진행

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