Dry Film

Dry film

A product used to form circuits or patterns in PCBs, lead frames, etc., and a film-type material used in the process of forming an electric circuit in PCBs based on the characteristics that change when UV or specific wavelength is illuminated.

국내 M/S 1위

Korea's No. 1 M/S in DFR field

인증 획득

ISO9001, ISO14001 quality/environmental management system certification


Rigid PCB

Flexible PCB



Ultra-high resolution, ultra-high sensitivity, excellent circuit properties

Tenting & Etching Grade : It has excellent circuit properties and tending properties. and it uses of outer layer tending process and internal etching process

Plating Grade : It has excellent circuit properties and plating resistance. Application of outer layer plating process.

Packaging Grade : It has ultra-high resolution characteristics. Application of IC packaging such as BGA, L/F, etc.

Laser Direct Image(LDI) Grade : It has ultra-high sensitivity and is used as a laser source of 355 nm and 405 nm. Capable of supporting 60 to 80um thick film products.

23% 스크롤 진행

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