ESG Management
Sustainability Policy

Our Core Policy for a Sustainable Future

We established the ‘ESG Management Policy’ in the name of the CEO, which contains our will to promote sustainability management company-wide.

Sustainability Policy Sustainability Policy
ESG Management Policy

ESG Management Policy

KOLON INDUSTRIES participates in the challenge of humankind toward a sustainable future with a strong sense of mission and internalizes ESG (environment, society, and governance) to practice reliable sustainability management.

1. We pursue eco-friendly management by responding to climate crisis including greenhouse gas issues and establishing a clean production via through thorough management of hazardous chemicals.

2. We expand the eco-friendly material business through R&D innovation to lay the groundwork for future sustainable growth businesses.

3. We make a company we want to work for by observing human rights management principles, and create a safe workplace through an accident-free management system.

4. We contribute to social development by continuously communicating with customers, partners, and local communities.

5. We seek to maximize stakeholder value by securing soundness and transparency of the governance structure.

6. We establish an ethical management system through good governance and anti-corruption standards.

Yeong-bom Kim

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Sustainable Management Policy

Sustainable Management Policy

All employees of our company shall implement the environmental, safety, health, quality, and energy management requirements for sustainable management of the company, and the manager shall periodically review the management system to identify problems and take appropriate measures to improve the company.

1. Identify, evaluate, and improve management risks and establish and comply with internal management standards that are more strict than customer requirements and legal standards.

2. Efforts shall be made to minimize the environmental impact arising from the entire process of product development, production, use, and disposal, and to prevent environmental pollution and protect the environment.

3. Put safety and health as the top priority and minimize loss of life and property through the promotion of the disaster-free movement.

4. Secure process safety by achieving and maintaining the PSM "P" grade through the establishment of Process Safety Management System (PSM).

5. Do our best to impress our customers by continuously improving quality and establishing product reliability through our competitiveness.

6. Support design and purchase of energy efficiency products and services that improves energy performance.

7. Disclose relevant information to ensure transparency when requested by stakeholders.

Yeong-bom Kim

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