Social Contribution
KOLON Social Volunteer Corps

Social Contribution Activities with KOLON Group

Based on the slogan "Stepping Stones to Your Dreams, Dream Partners’, we do various activities which many people can relate to.

KOLON Social Volunteer Corps KOLON Social Volunteer Corps

We participated in various social contribution activities with our group’s Social Volunteer Corps since 2012.
Under the slogan of 'Stepping Stones to Your Dreams, Dream Partners,' KOLON Social Volunteer Corps is operating representative programs such as 'Hello Dream'. ‘Hello Dream’ supports children to grow up with a dream for the future through talent donation and hard work of employees. We are running various programs such as ‘Vision Dream’, ‘Hope Dream’, and ‘Healthy Dream’ so that children who cannot realize their dreams due to financial difficulties or health reasons can achieve their dreams. Under the supervision of the group's CSR secretariat, new social contribution activities by Kolon Social Volunteer Group have been planned since 2022, and we would like to carry out substantial activities through more distinctive programs.

In addition, we are actively participating in the group's social contribution activities such as ‘Samnam-road Hiking’, ‘Blood Donation Campaign’, ‘Heart Dream Pack Donation Campaign’ and more which many people can relate to.

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