One of the top 3 manufacturers in the world market for artificial leather with a composite material consisting of 3D confounding nonwoven fabric and polyurethane elasticity using sea-type ultra-fine fibers. Comes in uniform and excellent emotional quality with ultra-fine fibers, and expresses soft texture. It is a Tech-art product that satisfies aesthetic sensitivity based on ultra-fine fibers that are 1/1000th the thickness of hair.

High customer satisfaction

Fluffiness, good surface touch, mechanical strength, etc. Excellent physical properties provide greater satisfaction to customers

Establishment of a quality management system and eco-friendly certification

Quality-related certification ISO14001, IATF16949, Ecotech, human/environment friendly product certification, RCS(Recycled Claim Standard) Certification related to eco-friendly products for vehicles


Application Artificial Leather

Automotive, Luxuries, Furniture, Interior design, etc.


For vehicles: High moldability, excellent mechanical strength and flame retardancy, and used as an interior material such as headliner, pillar, seats, etc. Excellent heat absorption, heat dissipation and sound absorption to maintain comfort regardless of the season, for high-end vehicles, etc.

For furniture/interior: Excellent mechanical strength, shape stability, water repellency, and color expression, and used for interior and furniture. We provide them in trendy colors to meet your needs

For bags/accessories: Used for lining bags of overseas brands with excellent color expression and appearance

23% 스크롤 진행

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