Panel Materials

Panel Materials

OC improves panel reliability by preventing process defects, improving image quality and protecting R.G.B. pixels through planarization of panel filter surfaces. OLED encapsulation material functions to protect the panel emission layer from oxygen and moisture.



Flatten the surface of the color filter in the panel to prevent process defects, drive the liquid crystal, and improve the reliability of the panel

OLED encapsulation material

protects light emitting layer of Flexible OLED panel from oxygen and moisture.


High flatness, adhesion and panel reliability

OC : Improve panel reliability and high-coating speed/surface energy characteristics through excellent flatness, low moisture absorption, high shielding, high adhesion, heat resistance, and chemical resistance

OLED encapsulation material : Improved panel reliability with high barrier properties, stability of material quality, excellent process.

23% 스크롤 진행

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