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We are within every moment of your daily life. At the beginning of your day, the moment of relaxation, and even at the moment of dazzling journey beyond excitement. To make every day life more valuable, make solutions for our customers' better tomorrow. Kolon Industries. Since 1957, from the first small, thin technology that we cultivated from the barren land of the textile industry to becoming the world’s leading company beyond Korea. We have committed delicately to deliver the highest quality. Based on our differentiated technology and legacy that we have accumulated over the past 60 years, We, Kolon Industries built a market-leading production scale and infrastructure. Now, we are leading the global market trend through an organic network starting from Asia to all over the world, The industrial materials division where we produce and supply differentiated high-tech materials in line with the growth of the hydrogen, 5G and electric vehicle markets, The chemical division used in various fields of our daily lives based on safe and strong physical properties Film and electronic materials division where key materials for the next generation such as displays, solar and optical applications are produced The FnC division of Korea's leading brand house, where fashion and culture coexist and create trends We, Kolon Industries will not stop here, and as a representative chemical material company in South Korea, We will evolve our business in line with the rapidly changing times. The R&D division, where we think about the future and create new values has its roots in at the Institute of Technology, which was founded as the first in the chemical fiber industry in 1978. We create new technologies and values for the future by maximizing the competitiveness of our current business and further challenging ourselves beyond our limits.


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