Health & Safety

Healthy and Safe Workplace for all employees.

We operate the following Safety and Health Management Policy to prevent accidents.

Health & Safety Policy Health & Safety Policy

Kolon Industries has established a safety and health management system in accordance with laws and standards related to safety and health by making it a top priority among various management activities. We do our best to ensure that all employees work in a safe and healthy environment.

1. Establish safety and health goals and establish and implement detailed action plans to achieve them.

2. Establish and faithfully comply with safety-related laws and regulations that conform to relevant standards.

3. Minimize loss of life and property through the promotion of the disaster-free movement.

4. Observe PROCESS, which identifies harmful risk factors through participation of employees, improve 100% of the identified harmful risk factors, and share them through education.

5. Operate the procedures for listening to employees' opinions on safety and health.

6. The safety and health management system is reviewed periodically to identify/improve problems.

7. Secure process safety by achieving and maintaining the PSM "P" grade through the establishment of the Process Safety Management System (PSM).

8. Support BP (Business Partner) as much as possible to establish a safety culture.

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