Social Contribution
Community Engagement

Community Engagement Activities at Headquarters and Production Sites

We lead the way in fulfilling our social responsibilities and create community values through various programs.

Community Engagement Community Engagement


We are actively contributing to the community at our headquarters and factories.

We signed a social contribution agreement with Gangseo-gu office in 2021 to create community social values, and are conducting translating volunteer activities for English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles every week for iGangseo TV.

In connection with the Gangseo Senior Welfare Center, we provide supplies for elderly people during holidays and winter. Due to the COVID-19 situation, executives and employees held our latest volunteering activity non-face-to-face.

In addition, we are planning more helpful programs that can contribute to the society.

Moreover, each factory provides bath service, meal/cooking support, and cleaning service in connection with the disabled/social welfare center, and we also help local farmers during the farming season and support for school events.

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