Sustainable Supply Chain
Responsible Supply Chain

Quality Management through periodic evaluation of suppliers in the supply chain

We periodically evaluate partners in our supply chain.

Responsible Supply Chain Responsible Supply Chain

Selection of New Business Partners

Pledge to comply with the ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’

In order to implement the actual compliance and practice of our business partner's ‘code of conduct’, the contract includes our business partner's code of conduct and integrity contract from 2020.

Pledge of Integrity Contracts Performance

Through the pledge to implement integrity acts, we have made a pledge on the prohibition of collusion, the provision of unfair profits, and the management of human rights risks. The pledge of integrity contract states that violations of the pledge may result in disadvantages such as restrictions on eligibility to participate in bidding and termination of the contract.

Vendor Assessment Checklist

Evaluation Areas

General status, quality, product, environment, safety, ethical management, human rights, supply chain

Evaluation of Sustainable Management of Business Partners

Based on the annual review plan, we are comprehensively evaluating our suppliers’ audit, including CSR areas. CSR evaluation consists of 14 indicators based on human rights, labor, environment, safety and health, fair operation, product responsibility, and customer's four major CSR areas, and CSR field verification is conducted simultaneously.

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