Metalized Film

Metalized Film

Highly functional film that gives various functions to various substrates such as PET film through aluminum deposition, and is used in various industries from food packaging to industrials.

증착필름 적용

Application of deposition film for food packaging for the first time in Korea

PCR deposition film using recycled PET is applied for food packaging for the first time in Korea

베리어소재로 활용

Used as Eco-friendly Barrier Material in Various Fields

Transparent deposition films, which lead the HMR market, are used as eco-friendly barrier materials with high levels of gas and moisture barrier properties in various fields such as electronic packaging and medical use for food retort.



Packaging and industrial use for textiles

Used in packaging and industrial, textile products



High gas barrier and moisture resistance

It has excellent gas barrier properties, moisture-proof properties, and Al adhesion, and the deposition thickness is also suitable for various applications.

Excellent glossiness and scratch resistance

Excellent workability, and high scratch resistance when applying textile products. It is possible to produce high-quality spangle due to its excellent gloss and low shrinkage rate.

23% 스크롤 진행

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