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We enrich life and deliver innovative values.

LIFESTYLE INNOVATOR is Kolon's vision to innovate customers' LIFESTYLE by providing products and services that improve their lives.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

KOLON stands by customers, whether seen or unseen.

Our journey to bring change to customers began in 1954. To exceed the expectations of customers through innovation and enrich their lives - this has been our goal and the path that we have taken over the past six decades.

Our vision, LIFESTYLE INNOVATOR, reflects our determination to innovate the lifestyle of our customers by providing products and services that improve the quality of life.

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Our Value

One&Only is our management policy shared and practiced by all KOLON people.

One&Only emphasizes the importance of each individual trying to attain originality and best-in-the-field competence to become the brand most loved by customers.

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The Way for KOLON People

The way for KOLON people:
One&Only Way

The three key values of One&Only Way are the basis for all decisions and actions of KOLON people. These values also serve as the action plan that brings One&Only to life.

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