Finon is a brand of 100% PET sponged nonwoven fabric products that we started producing for the first time in Korea. It is a nonwoven fabric made of long fiber with excellent physical and chemical performance. It started mass-production for the first time in Korea and can be applied to various industrial materials with high mechanical properties and excellent durability.

Optimal solutions for the industrial textile materials market

Wide range of products, from Emboss, Needle Punch to Flatbond, based on professional research and techniques

First green certification in the industry

Industry's First Global Recycling Standard (GRS), Environmental Performance Labels (EPD) Certified and applied as eco-friendly materials


Industrial Material

Primary and Secondary Backing for Tufted Carpet, Filtration, Automotive Components, Building & Construction (Geotextile)


Carpets: Excellent shape stability, resin wetting, and high moldability, and used in tile carpets and carpet bubble paper for automobiles.

Filters: Excellent mechanical properties, high filter efficiency, air permeability, and low pressure loss, and used in air filter, liquid filter, dust collection filter, etc.

Automobiles: High moldability, excellent mechanical properties, and thermal stability and is used in automobile undercover, headliner, and sheet reinforcement.

Wallcoverings: Excellent distribution and drying properties, and used to cover irregularities on the wall surface and enhance the adhesion of the wallpaper before wallpaper is plastered.

Civil engineering/architecture: Excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, weather resistance, moisture permeability, and shape stability, and used for tunnel waterproofing, building waterproofing, drainage, perforation, and soft ground stabilization.

23% 스크롤 진행

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