Responsibility Management
Fair Trade & Self Compliance

Internal Compliance System for Fair Trade

We operate our own system to promote creative sales activities and protect consumers through fair and free competition between companies.

Fair Trade & Self Compliance Program Fair Trade & Self Compliance Program

What is a Fair Trade Self-Compliance Program?

The Fair Trade Self-Compliance Program(CP) refers to an internal compliance system, such as education supervision, which establishes a competitive order and operates itself to comply with laws and regulations related to fair trade in economic activities.

Establishment of competitive order, self-management Establishment of competitive order, self-management

CP provides employees with clear standards of behavior for compliance with competitive laws and provides them with an opportunity to detect violations early and correct them voluntarily by incorporating a sense of compliance into the corporate culture.

CP is a global standard, and companies in advanced economies such as the United States, Europe, and Japan have introduced and operated CP for a long time, and it is also included as a sentencing standard for judgment and judgment on corporate violations.

Fair Trade Regulations

Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act, Subcontract Fair Trade Act, Fair Trade of Marks and Advertising Act, Consumer Basic Act, Door-to-Door Sales Act, Act to promote competition and maintain fair trade order, etc.

Fair Trade Policy

A fair deal

All transactions are conducted in accordance with the principle of free competition, which guarantees fair and equal opportunities for participation.

It does not use its superior status to exercise any form of unethical and inappropriate coercion or influence.

Joint development is promoted based on mutual trust with all trading parties.

Fair Trade and Competition

Fair trade and competition with partner companies

We strictly comply with the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act and the Subcontracting Fair Trade Act in transactions with subcontractors.

The selection of partners should be based on fair and transparent principles, which must be followed in all transactions, including bulk purchase agreements as well as simple service agreements.

Where adjustment of terms and conditions is required with a partner in a trading relationship, it should be carried out with clear and reasonable reasons and transparent procedures.

There should be no unfair or unequal trading activities using superior trading status.

Prohibition of illegal solicitation and provision of cases

Executives and employees shall strictly comply with the "Act on the Prohibition of Illegal Solicitation and Money, etc." and each country's anti-corruption laws and international agreements, and shall not offer money or valuables to public officials in return for unfair business benefits.

Any possible violation of anti-corruption legislation should be reported to management immediately and dealt with in full consultation with the legal department, and should not be made on an arbitrary basis.

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