Vent is a component that provides both waterproof and dustproof functions to prevent the penetration of liquid or dust and air permeability to prevent pressure changes inside the electronic device due to temperature changes.



Electronic Devices

Various electronic devices such as Smartphones, True Wireless Stereo, Tablet PC, Camera, Medical devices, and Communication Equipment.



Waterproof and Ventilation Performance

Waterproof from the IPX4 to the IPX8 and excellent dustproof performance of the IP6X

Superior Acoustic Performance

Rapid pressure equilibrium and low sound loss due to microfabrication of membrane to increase reliability of electronic products


Acoustic Vent

Air Pressure Vent

Conflict Minerals Policy

1.In the manufacture and supply of Vent products, we prohibit the use of conflict minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold and cobalt mined and distributed under the influence of armed forces in the Africa.

2.If the use of conflict minerals is confirmed, we promise to replace them with conflict-free minerals immediately.

3.We promise to join international efforts to prohibit the use of conflict minerals with our partners and customers related to Vent products, thereby fulfilling our social responsibility to protect human rights in the world.

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