Membrane Humidifier

Membrane Humidifier

As a core part of the air supply system constituting the hydrogen fuel cell system, it uses a membrane, a polymer composite material, to selectively permeate moisture to increase the electricity generation efficiency of the stack.

Global 1st Water Control System for Fuel Cells Development

Global No.1 Market Share (as of 2021)

Established a quality management system and obtained global certificates

IATF16949, ISO9001/14001/37001, VDA6.3, ECOVADIS Gold Level


Improved electricity generation efficiency

A key component that keeps the internal humidity constant to improve the electricity generation efficiency of the hydrogen fuel cell stack

hydrogen mobility

Applied for stationaries, buildings, automobiles, forklifts, ships, and aviation


Global Top1 Market Share, Unrivaled Technology

Design and manufacture from membrane to module products with one-stop solution capabilities

Product line-ups for various applications (5kW-200kW)

Customized products and design services to meet customers' needs

Cumulative field data through OEM co-development of finished vehicles

23% 스크롤 진행

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