Responsibility Management

We are always Transparent, Fair and Socially Responsible.

We earnestly fulfill social responsibility.

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Code of Ethics

Respect for customers

We face our customers with the belief that what benefits our customers is also benefits to our company.

We always think from the customer's point of view, respect customer opinions, and keep our promises to customers.

We strive to realize customer satisfaction by providing only accurate information about products and services and providing the best products and services.

Compliance and Fair Competition

In business and business activities, we comply with laws and regulations of all countries and communities, and respect social values such as customs and culture of the relevant country or region.

Unethical and inappropriate behavior in the course of business activities is strictly prohibited, and the company does not compensate or protect against illegal and unethical behavior of its employees under any circumstances.

We respect our competitors and take the lead in establishing a sound market order through fair and free competition with them.

Fair Trade

All transactions are conducted in accordance with the principle of free competition, which guarantees fair and equal opportunities for participation.

We do not use our superior position to exercise any form of unethical and inappropriate coercion or influence.

We promote development together based on mutual trust with all trading partners.

Respect for Shareholders

We strive to protect shareholders' investment returns by realizing profits through sound management activities.

In order to maintain a mutual trust relationship with shareholders, corporate information is disclosed transparently in accordance with established laws and regulations, and the processing and reporting of accounting data is strictly in accordance with the standards and laws of the relevant country.

All shareholders, including minority shareholders and foreign shareholders, are treated fairly, and management decisions are made in consideration of the interests of all shareholders so that the interests or rights of shareholders are not unreasonably infringed.

Responsibilities and Obligations to the State and Society

We faithfully perform the roles and duties required as a member of the state and society.

We contribute to national development through job creation and faithful payment of taxes, and actively contribute to social service activities and cultural development.

Rather than avoiding the social problems faced in conducting business, we identify relevant stakeholders and actively communicate and seek solutions.

We actively strive for sustainable use of resources and energy and prevention of environmental pollution throughout our business and business activities.

We strive to protect the environment by complying with domestic and international environmental laws and agreements and supporting environmental education for our employees.

We follow the cleanliness and safety rules of the workplace and take appropriate actions immediately if any risk factors are found in the workplace.

Active efforts shall be made to prevent serious accidents that endanger life and body safety due to defects in raw materials and products in production, manufacturing, sales, and distribution, and if defects are found, prompt and appropriate actions shall be taken.

The company is not involved in politics, and executives and employees do not speak or act in a way that may cause an individual's opinion to be misunderstood as the company's political position.

Responsibilities to Employees

We do not discriminate based on gender, educational background, region of origin, etc. in respecting the personality and thoughts of each employee and giving them opportunities to improve their abilities.

We evaluate employees fairly and reward them fairly according to their abilities and achievements.

We do our best to create working conditions where the creativity and abilities of our employees can be maximized, and we actively support the development of creative talent.

We actively take necessary measures for the safety and health of our employees, and maintain a safe work environment from occupational accidents, injuries, calamity, disasters, diseases and transmissions.

Basic ethics of employees

Employees have pride and self-assumption as Kolon people, and always maintain an honest and sincere lifestyle.

With the attitude that each employee represents Kolon, we always protect the honor of Kolon people with polite behavior and dignified language.

Executives and employees share the company's management philosophy, goals and values, faithfully carry out the mission assigned to each member according to the company's policy, and do not act against the interests of the company's stakeholders, such as shareholders, investors, and customers.

Clearly distinguish between public and private, and do not pursue private interests by using one's position.

In case of a conflict of interest between the company and the individual, the company takes precedence.

Executives and employees shall not seek personal gain by using inside information obtained by using their position in the company.

We respect the rights of others with respect to intellectual property while protecting their own rights.

The company's trade secrets shall not be leaked to the outside without prior approval from the company during employment and after retirement.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics

Executives and employees must faithfully abide by this Code of Ethics regardless of their position, and employees who violate this rule may be subject to disciplinary action.

When executives and employees are coerced or aware of acts that violate this Code of Ethics, they must notify and consult with the audit organization, and the audit organization must take all measures to protect the parties against reports by employees.

Ethical Behavior Regulations for Employees

Honest and Transparent Management Activities

Prohibition of receiving gratuity from stakeholders

Any gratuity from a stakeholder should not be accepted for any reason, and if a stakeholder presents a gratuity, it must be politely rejected or returned.

An employee's family must also not accept or solicit from stakeholders any favors that are believed to be provided in connection with the employee's work.

The basic types of gratuity are as follows, and other common sense includes all acts that are recognized as acts of obtaining an unfair advantage by using a position.

Providing money and goods (money and gifts including securities), entertainment, and convenience

Borrowing, buying at a low price and selling at a high price

Debt Repayment, Guarantee and Monetary Loan

Security for the future (employment and job placement promises, promises to conclude deals, etc.)

Prohibition of stake participation in stakeholders and joint investment with stakeholders

Personal investment or joint investment with stakeholders is strictly prohibited as it may affect the business relationship with the company.

Prohibition of manipulation and false reporting of company-related information

Recording and reporting of all financial and non-financial information (hereinafter referred to as 'company-related information') related to the company's business situation and decision-making must be done accurately and honestly.

Do not create or report documents based on manipulated content such as reduced concealment, exaggeration, or false content, or share it with internal and external stakeholders.

All company-related information and documents must be prepared transparently, accurately and completely in accordance with relevant standards such as IFRS and reported to stakeholders including shareholders.

Fair Trade and Competition

Fair trade and competition with business partners

In dealings with business partners, the ‘Act on Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade’ must be strictly complied with.

When selecting a supplier, the best partner must be selected based on a fair and transparent principle, and this principle must be observed in all transactions, including not only bulk purchase contracts but also simple service contracts.

If it is necessary to adjust the terms and conditions of a transaction with a business partner, it must be done through clear and justifiable reasons and transparent procedures.

There must be no unfair or unequal trading practices that take advantage of a superior position in trading.

Prohibition of improper solicitation and provision of gratuities

Executives and employees must strictly comply with each country's anti-corruption laws and international agreements in conducting their business, and must not offer or provide money or valuables to public officials in exchange for unfair business profits.

Matters that may be construed as violations of anti-corruption laws should be immediately reported to the management and dealt with after sufficient consultation with the legal department, and decisions should not be made based on arbitrary interpretation.

Creating a healthy organizational culture

To create a healthy organizational culture, employees must always respect and consider each other, and must not engage in acts that infringe on basic individual human rights, such as verbal abuse, abusive language, violence, and sexual harassment.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, gender, age, educational background, religion, region of origin, disability, marital status, gender identity, political opinion, etc.

We must understand and respect the emotional, customary, and cultural differences between generations, countries/regions, and genders, and maintain a working environment in which creativity and innovative ideas can be expressed based on this.

Any online or offline workplace harassment that insults members' personality or undermines human dignity, such as verbal or physical violence, bullying, and intimidation, is prohibited.

We avoid distorting the truth or creating unnecessary misunderstandings in the communication process.

protection of company assets

Company assets must be used only for the company's business activities and approved purposes, and employees are responsible for protecting against loss, misuse and theft of assets.

It is strictly prohibited to use the company's assets inappropriately for their intended purpose, to use them for personal purposes, or to take them out without prior approval.

Kolon Industries executives and employees should check and familiarize themselves with the full text of 『Kolon Industry Code of Ethics』 and 『Kolon Industry Employee Code of Ethical Conduct』 through the internal computer network.

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