Climate Action

Carbon-neutral Eco-friendly Policies to Co-exist with Nature

We successfully established a greenhouse gas inventory system by organizing a climate change response committee in 2009 to respond to climate change at home and abroad. We are actively taking action in the "goal management system" of the ‘Framework Act on Low Carbon and Green Growth’, which took effect in 2010.

Climate Action Climate Action

Achieving 2047 Global Net Zero for a Sustainable Future

We established a carbon-neutral road map including an environmental management agenda up to 2047 with the goal of ‘achieving 2040 Net Zero for a sustainable future,’ an environmental management vision, and are carrying out various environmental management activities to strengthen the goal by establishing our position as a global eco-friendly company.

Carbon-Neutral Goal

Carbon-Neutral Goal

Our carbon neutral goal is to achieve global Net Zero in 2047, and we strive to increase the proportion of new and renewable energy, advance energy/greenhouse gas reduction technology, and capture/store/utilize carbon effectively.



Expansion of new and renewable energy



Advancement of energy/greenhouse gas reduction technology



Carbon Capture/ Storage/ Utilization

Carbon Neutral Strategy

Initiatives/Policy Strategies

Carbon Initiative Join/Declaration

SBTi(Science Based Targets initiative)

TCFD(Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)

Carbon border tax response (EU, USA, etc.)

Board-level stakeholder communication

Emission control operation

Carbon Neutral Strategy

Energy Portfolio Strategy

Advanced energy/Greenhouse gas reduction technology

Application of Carbon Capture/Storage/Utilization Technology

Replacement of bio-materials and establishment of resource circulation system (Facilities, regulations)

Adaptation to climate change(Facilities, regulations)

Carbon Information IT Infrastructure

Business Strategy

Promoting hydrogen business connection

Supply chain emission(Scope3) management

LCA evaluation of all products

Securing raw material de-oilification and related infrastructure

Achieving Net-Zero in overseas factories

De-carbonization of all business areas

Climate Actions

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

We are focusing on technological innovation to provide an integrated solution for core materials in the future hydrogen market. The sales volume in the hydrogen industry is expected to grow considerably from around KRW 30 billion in 2021 to more than KRW 1 trillion by 2030. We are creating business by discovering new hydrogen technology throughout the hydrogen value chain based on its differentiated competitiveness in the key parts, moisture control device, membrane electrode assembly (MEA), and polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM).

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Diversification of Eco-friendly Materials using Recycled Plastics

Diversification of Eco-friendly Materials using Recycled Plastics

Our commercialized spunbond, a long-fiber nonwoven fabric, for the first time in Korea by using PCR(Post-Consumer Recycled) PET raw material recycled from waste bottled water. By 2025, we plan to convert more than 20% of our total sales to eco-friendly products. In addition, CHAMUDE, an artificial leather brand, obtained RCS eco-friendly certification in January and is being sold as an interior material for vehicles in earnest.

Development of Biodegradable Plastic ‘PBAT’

To enter and preoccupy the related market, we built a strategic partnership with SK Geocentric (formerly SK Global Chemical) in April 2021 and planned to advance into the market through joint development of the biodegradable plastic PBAT(short for polybutylene adipate-co-terephthalate). We plan to expand the PBAT production volume to 50,000 tons annually by 2024 and preemptively respond to the eco-friendly plastic material market.

Development of Biodegradable Plastic ‘PBAT’

Diversification of Bioplastics Development

Diversification of Bioplastics Development

Bioplastics have been in the limelight recently as a next-generation eco-friendly technology that produces plastics from natural products instead of petroleum. Future Technology Institute is developing polyethylene furanoate (PEF), a new bioplastic made from 100% natural products. PEF generates less than half of the carbon dioxide compared to conventional plastics, has excellent heat resistance and is easy to block oxygen and moisture, so it is expected to be used for various purposes.

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