Responsibility Management
Anti-corruption Activities

Managing and Preventing Corruption

We declared our anti-corruption management policy for a better and fair society and continuously conduct improvement activities.

Anti-Corruption Management Anti-Corruption Management
Anti-Corruption Management

Anti-Corruption Management

We will grow and develop with society by the love and respect we receive from our customers all around the world.

We will follow these policies to perform our duty and prevent corruption.

Employees do not accept corruption or bribery from all business stakeholders and partners, and grow together by maintaining a fair trade relationship.

Employees comply with corruption prevention laws and regulations, observe the company's regulations, and perform their duties fairly.

The company respects opinions and guarantees identity when it raises corruption concerns or issues.

Employees form a sustainable growth culture and contribute to achieving the company's business goals through compliance with anti-corruption policies.

The company guarantees the authority and independence of the anti-corruption compliance officer/compliance function to form a clean organizational culture.

Employees acknowledge that they are responsible for failure to comply with the anti-corruption policy.

Executives and employees strive to implement and continuously improve the anti-corruption management system.

Employees pledge to accept any punishment in personnel management if they fail to comply with the anti-corruption policy.

CEO and President of KOLON INDUSTRIES Yeong-bom Kim

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