Polyester Film

Polyester film

ASTROLL® is polyester film developed by KOLON Industries based on proprietary fiber technology with the company’s effort to bring revolutionary transition of the textile industry to a future-oriented business.

BSI Certification

Obtained ISO9002 from U.K. BSI

Meeting the Global standards

U.S. FDA, German BGA, and Japan Food Hygiene Association

Recognized by UL standards

evaluated and recognized by UL standards for electrical stability


Electronical / Optical

MLCC : Base film with flat thickness, illumination intensity and superb heat-resistance properties for Ceramic sheet molding process of MLCC(Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitor) Applications.

Polarizing Plate : Zero-Defect Base film used for Polarizing Plate Applications such as LCD TV & LCD Monitor; mainly in the process of protection, adhesion coating.

OCA: Base film for Release liners with strictly managed from contamination and superb heat-resistance properties for protecting OCA(Optical Clear Adhesive) Applications

Optical: Widely used as display base, with excellent light transmittance, mechanical properties, and thermal stability.


Solar PV : Clear/White/Milky White-type base film used for protecting the back-side of Photovoltaic application modules.

DFR: Base film with high UV transmittance, illumination intensity and adhesion with the Photo resistance layer, also strictly managed from contamination.

In-Line Release: In-Line coated base film with release force value-added release liners with strictly managed from contaminants

Other Industrial: Films for industrial use provide excellent transparency, adhesion, electrical insulation, cold and hot resistance, and are widely used in PV back sheets, antistatic films,adhesive tape, silicon films, solar control films, cable and insulation, etc.


Shrinking : Base Films with excellent drawing properties enabled for wrapping any form of products with superb machinability used mainly for bottle wrapping and labels etc.

Packaging:. Widely used in general packaging, printing, laminating, shrinkage labels, and coated products with excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability. Even used in food packaging with high transparency and gloss, chemical resistance, excellent gas barrier and waterproof properties without toxicity or odor.



Excellent Physical, Chemical and Electrical Properties

Used in various fields such as optical, electronic materials, and various industrial materials and food packaging

For High Value-Added Products

For polarizers, MLCC, OCA, solar, DFR, etc.

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