Technical Yarn

Technical Yarn

High functional yarn which properties are necessary for various special industries. PET and HDPE are used as a main material.

Stable Quality Control

Producing excellent durability and best quality of safety yarn in domestic site.

Fine Portfolio

Building perfect business portfolio based on customer’s needs.


Safety uses

Automotive S/belt yarn,Airbag yarn and safety glove yarn.

Industrial uses

Geotextile yarn, yarn for coated fabric, cooling yarn.

Daily uses

Cooling fabric


AKILEN® (PET Industrial Yarn)

Uniform dyeability and excellent quality appearance

Producing variety of optimized yarn such as doped dyed and high tenacity.

Widely used in automotive S/belt and geotextile.


For Industrial use : Excellent cut-resistance/wear-resistance used in products with cut-resistant gloves, cloths, ETC

Dealing with Global PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Manufacturer.

For daily use : The best cooling performance among the existing yarns is used for cooling blanket, mattress, cloths, ETC

Development and sales of the first and only dope dyed yarns in Korea.

Obtain of the first and only OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificates in Korea

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